Thursday, January 6, 2011


Understanding your dog is like understanding your child, its not an easy task to raise and develop a pup to grown up dog with good habits,

when you buy a small provide him lot of care and effection, the pup from the begining starts understaning that the person and the family members taking care of me are my friends/parents, remember it has nothing to do with that how much you have paid to brought the him/her.....the only language the pup will understand your love and how playful you are with him.

if the pup is around 6 weeks old, feed him 3-4 times as advised by your vet,don't forget to add vitamin suppliments, take him for a walk after every meal or make a specified space for his natural will good, if you buy a small bed for him to rest, provide him with lot of toys, chewable bones etc.

to get him used to coller and walking lease, put a small and light coller on his neck and usally put him on lease for a short time and graually increses the time, in this manner your pup will soon learn walking on lease.

more about caring a new my nxt. blog.

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